work in progress

This component is fully functional, but there might be soon some breaking changes to the API.

This component renders google map with markers. Custom styles available. Almost all google map options supported through props.


yarn add @konfy/vue-google-map


This component does not add the google API script tag to your application, so make sure you add it in the head of your app. The API source is here:


Draggable map

<vue-google-map :markers="[{position: {lat: 52.5, lng: 13.2}}]" :zoom="7" draggable/>

Satelite view, custom marker

<vue-google-map :markers="markers" :zoom="7" mapTypeId="satellite"/>

Custom styling, custom marker

<vue-google-map :markers="markers" :styles="mapstyle"/>


property type default comment
lat Number 51 initial latitude
lng Number 0 initial longitude
zoom Number 14 initial zoom
disableZoom Boolean disable zoom
minZoom Number minimal zoom
maxZoom Number maximal zoom
mapTypeId String 'terrain' type of map
draggable Boolean is map draggable
noAutoTilt Boolean prevent auto tilt
disableDefaultUi Boolean disable default UI
mapTypeControl Boolean enable map type controls
streetViewControl Boolean enable street view controls
fitToMarkers Boolean fit map to markers
singleInfoWindow Boolean allow only single info window
mouseEvents Boolean enable mouse events
dragEvents Boolean enable drag events
clickEvents Boolean enable click events
styles Array [] Array of map styles
markers Array [] Array of map markers
objects Array [] Array of map objects

map marker object

Array of map marker objects can be passed to markers attribute. Marker object is the same as google.maps.MarkerOptions, so it can contain the same data. The only difference is animation property – here you can pass a simple string with animation name, instead of the full google.maps.Animation.

marker object can also have additional info property, of type String. It will then be accessible in info window.

Example marker object:

<!-- in your template: -->
<vue-google-map :markers=[marker]></template>
<!-- ... -->

data() {
  return {
    marker: {
      info: '<h1>Hello!<h1> Html can work too!' // info will turn into infowindow
      position: {
        lat: Float,
        lng: Float
      title: String,
      animation: String, // 'DROP' || 'BOUNCE'
      icon: String, // 'path/to/marker/icon.svg'


property comment
map google map object
mapMarkers Array of map markers


method args comment
updateMapCenter() update map center
clearMarkers() clear map markers
fitMapToMarkers() fit map to markers


event payload comment
map:render on map rendered
map:center center coords on map centered
markers:change map markers on map markers change


  • map objects
  • map polygons
  • marker clusters